Before you order, there are some things I’d like to be respected:
1. Before I start working on your order, you’ll send me half or the entire amount of the payment to make sure my work won’t be useless.
2. When I finish your order, I will show you a preview for any possible changes you may want. I only accept one set of changes, make sure you tell me exactly what you want from the beginning, because I won’t make infinite changes until you make up your mind.
3. As a client, you have to pay the fee, otherwise I will reject your order.
4. Please include in your order HQ pictures, preferably photoshoots.
5. Please make sure you keep the layout up for at least one month.
6. Do not remove the credits, modify the layouts, re-use my coding or claim it as your own under any circumstances.
7. Please don’t rush me, I will have your order finished in a couple of days or one week.
8. I check my emails everyday, but I only work from monday to friday.
9. I only accept payments through Paypal.

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