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Hey guys! I hope everything goes fine in your lives! Spring has finally arrived and here I am with a new couple of onliners, mostly manipulated themes. I’m very happy that so many people are ordering them, because I honestly LOVE working on manipulated designs. As you may know, this is my last high school year and I’m having a little bit of stress and lesser time than I usually had. I have a couple of orders to work on and finish, and at the end of this month, I’ll be closing my orders until the end of July. It breaks my heart to do this, because I adore designing and sharing my creativity with all of my lovely customers and friends, but it’s only three months, and I’m pretty sure that time will pass by quicker than we imagine. Other than that, I wish good luck to all of you who are preparing for the first year of college. Don’t worry, guys! Everything will work out fine, because I know you’re all going to do great in your exams and diplomas.

Love you all, see you guys at the end of July! :)


Find more onliners here.

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First of all, I want to thank you all so much for the support and orders! This makes my job so much better than it already is! And I adore it when I receive such a wonderful feedback from all of you. My portofolio is again up to date and as I promised, here are some of my latest onliners that I also added to my portofolio. You can find them here. Hope you enjoy them and tell me what you think!

*click on thumbnails to have a full sized live preview!

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Here are some fresh onliners I didn’t get to show you. Hope you like and enjoy them! Also, orders are re-opened! Feel free to order anytime you want.

♥ Selena Gomez ♥

♥ Diana Vickers Daily ♥

♥ Diana Vickers Daily Photogallery ♥

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I’m back with fresh onliners and new packages! From now on, I extended my packs list with wordpress manipulation layouts and the tropical pro package. Check out the list for details here. Enjoy my newest onliners! Click on the images for the live preview! ♥

♥ Victoria Justice Daily Gallery ♥

♥ Bella Thorne Web ♥

♥ Kendall Jenner ♥

♥ Kendall Jenner Gallery ♥

♥ Pretty Little Lucy Gallery ♥

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